February 28, 2009

Fun With Genetics

JBug is very into Biology and genetics. So she has been asking us some random questions regarding traits that are passed down:

*attached vs. detached earlobes (mine are attached, hers are detached, like her father)
*can you roll your tongue, like a taco? (we all can, though the littles haven't learned to, yet)
*hitchhiker's thumb, meaning, can you bend your thumb backwards, at a 45 degree angle? When the thumb is fully extended, is it straight up, or further back? (we all bend at a 45 degree angle, except my son, who can bend his almost 90 degrees!)
*widow's peek...a semi-v-shaped point at the top your forehead where the hair grows (we don't have this at all)
*cleft chin (nope all smooth here)
*extra teeth (none here)
*dimples (nope, none here)
*vision anomalies (nearsighted, me...JBug)
*freckles (only JBean, only in the summer)
*polydactly (typing this with only 4 fingers and a thumb, same for all of us Just seeing if you are reading closely)

For more information on genetic traits:

Attached vs. Free Earlobes
Introduction to Genetics
Human Genetics: Suite 101
Interactive Textbook: An Introduction to Genetics

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