September 1, 2008

Did the Bell Ring Yet?

So it's time to think about curriculum, since we are "officially" starting school next Monday. We have band on this Thursday, but JBug starts her classes on Friday, with a parent orientation.

Which is another story...this particular program, while a great program, is run by a Christian university, and they are very particular as far as dress code. Tank tops straps have to be at least 2 inches in width. Shorts have to come to your fingertips, when your hand is extended. And? no tattoos. Apparently, you cannot be a good follower of Jesus if you have ink. Or wear a tank top. I keep threatening her that I am going to get one, just to set them on their ear. I hate stupid legalistic rules.

A lot.

T, who wonders what kind of tattoo I should get...

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