September 3, 2008

With Apologies to Alice Cooper...

Yes, to pencils, yes to books, but no to teachers' dirty looks....

Tomorrow is our Last Day of Summer. That's right. Thursday we start band, and Friday, JBug starts her classes at the college. They aren't college classes, but are advanced-placement. She is taking Logic (as if she needs more ammo for being able to successfully argue!) and Biology. With a Creation bias. But we will supplement. Also, she didn't leave her brains at the door, she is discerning, and that is on both sides. No worries.

Here is her curriculum..still working on course descriptions:

  • Biology: Abeka, through the class program

  • Logic: through the Classically-based, class program she is attending

  • Economics: Thinkwell

  • English: Study Skills & Lightning Lit/Teaching Co.

  • PE: yoga, dance, 4-H, probably horse project

  • Latin: Cambridge

  • Algebra: Teaching Textbooks, 1st semester, finishing the book, maybe Geometry after that

  • Band: 3rd year, clarinet, Intermediate level

  • History: teaching co.

  • Bible, whatever she wants

  • handcrafts: she is currently teaching herself (!!) to knit, via books and videos on the web

  • piano: again, self-taught, and getting pretty good. Will probably have to chase down lessons for her soon, though. As soon as I know what her schedule will be and how busy she'll be

I still have to do a 4-yr plan for her.. and as I said, course descriptions...but tomorrow...

T, who doesn't push her, she does most of this on her own

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